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Take Charge Of Your Biological Age With Outset Health

Chronological age counts how many years have passed since you were born, while biological age refers to how old your body seems. Everyone ages differently. Some people may age very rapidly, while others age at a much more gradual pace. 

Your biological age measures how well your body functions. The number of years you have been alive is not necessarily a good indicator of how well you are aging. Instead, the measurement of specific biomarkers can help identify any age-related changes in body function that may predict your chances of developing age-related conditions.

Reduce the Rate of Biological Aging 

Here are a few ways Outset Health may help you reduce the rate at which you are biologically aging.

Optimize Body Composition

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and wellness. According to research, “one of the major changes that occur during aging is the dysregulation of the immune response, leading to a chronic systemic inflammatory state.”

Obesity is a state in which there is an overload of subcutaneous or abdominal adipose tissue (body fat). Research suggests that “adipose tissue is now recognized as an active tissue in the regulation of physiological and pathological processes, including immunity and inflammation.” Inflammation caused by obesity contributes to many health risks, including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Autoimmune conditions

At Outset Health, our physician-led programs can help you reverse unwanted weight gain and achieve your optimal body composition. The programs help you maintain a healthy weight over the long term and may reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases mentioned above. Your physician and Outset Health’s tools analyze important biomarkers that help us create a plan specific to your needs.

Experience Mental Wellness

Individuals with mental health disorders accelerate their biological aging. They are also at increased risk of developing somatic diseases that are usually associated with aging, such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome and dementia. Several studies have shown a connection between biological aging, psychological stressors, and mental illness. 

By understanding how psychological states influence biological aging, you can be proactive with your mental health, reduce anxiety, overcome mood swings, and increase mental clarity, all of which can ultimately slow down biological aging.  

Gain Restful Sleep

When you don’t get enough quality sleep, it can speed up the aging process. One study found that one night of partial sleep deprivation promotes biological aging in older adults. This study showed that insufficient sleep activates important biological pathways that may make the cells age quicker.  

Gaining restful, quality sleep is one of the positive changes you can experience with our Signature BHRT program. With our program, we can help you increase sleep quality and sleep soundly through the night, enabling your body to repair and recharge. 

Maintain Healthy Hormone Levels

Hormone levels play a key role in the pace that an individual biologically ages. With our Outset BHRT program, your physician will create a personalized plan to your healthy aging goals by assessing your advanced labs, current biomarkers and your health history in order to achieve optimal hormone levels and your health goals.

Ready to Feel Like Your Younger Self Again?

Outset Health was created to help patients take control of their biological aging and wellness. Our physicians are here to help you feel like your younger self again with programs that are scientifically backed, practitioner administered and based on your personal goals and unique biomarkers.

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