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Outset Health offers providers the solutions to focus on treating patients

We provide you with the essential tools & training
to implement personalized hormone and healthy-aging membership programs.


Is your medical practice interested in:

  • Increasing patient retention?
  • Improving overall patient well-being?
  • Reducing patient non-compliance?
  • Non-insurance, all cash-based programs?
  • Increasing profitability?

Outset Health has identified and created proven methods to help your medical practice achieve all these goals! With over 40 years of experience in the Health & Wellness industry, we have gathered insight from providers, patients, and office staff to create solutions that deliver real results to optimize efficiency for your practice.

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What Sets Us Apart?

We have conducted extensive research and development in the Health & Wellness industry to identify why implementing new solutions into an already busy medical practice often falls short of reaching its full potential. Those reasons include:

  • Overworked staff focused on current business
  • Inconsistent messaging to patients
  • Difficulty transitioning to cash-based patient sales
  • Lack of ongoing support
  • Minimal support for advanced case studies
  • Billing inefficiencies
  • Insufficient technical support
  • Missing key elements that would enhance outcomes
  • No Upfront Costs

Our solutions are specifically designed to address all these needs on your behalf to ensure your practice achieves optimal results!

Outset Vs Competition

Provider Cost and Fees Other Training Companies
Training for ALL Modalities of HRT/BHRT Yes Minimum $20K
100% Money-Back Guarantee on Training Yes No
Formulary Costs Included Yes $250+ Instrument
Personalized Practice Marketing Yes You Pay for All
Supplements Included Yes No
Medicine Costs Included Yes No
Free Proprietary Dosing System Yes No
Dedicated Patient Experience Specialist Yes No
Full Service Marketing System Yes No
Nationwide Marketing Team Yes No
Pre/Post Labwork Included Yes No
National Lab Contracts Yes No
100% Money Back on Labs Yes No
Free Continued Training Yes No
Experienced Physician Mentor Network Yes No
Weekly Health Coach Yes No
Fitness & Nutrition Coaching App Yes No

Outset Programs

Find a Balance to a Better You

About our Outset Pellet Therapy Program

As people age, the production of hormones can be affected in many ways. Our Outset Pellet Therapy Program uses your unique biomarkers to create a customized treatment program based on over 40 years of experience helping patients just like you.

The Outset Pellet Therapy Program uses the highest quality FDA regulated bioidentical hormone pellets to combat symptoms that may stem from hormonal imbalances. Implanted Pellets can help maintain a consistent hormone level throughout the day, unlike other therapies.

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A personalized Healthy Aging Solution, as unique as your fingerprint

About our Outset Hormones Personalized Membership Program

Regardless of age, hormone imbalances can have a drastic effect on daily life — from loss of energy and libido to cognitive decline and sleep problems. Our Outset Hormones Personalized Program was created to redefine how hormones are implemented within a goal-based healthy aging solution.

Just as each person is unique, so are your personal health goals. Achieving these goals and improving your biomarkers, with the guidance of your provider and personal health coach, will be the center of your personalized program.

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Supporting Your Health Journey to Discover Your Best Self

About our Outset Lifestyle Membership Program

Our Outset Lifestyle program teaches you how to create good habits, centered around nutrition, exercise, and supplementation, to fit your individual lifestyle and goals.

Through innovative technology, diagnostic testing, and your dedicated Health Coach, a personalized plan will be created to help you take control of your health.

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Program Comparisons

Practitioner Offerings
Practitioner Training on all modalities of HRT Yes Yes Yes
Ongoing Physician Mentor and Support Yes Yes Yes
Print and Digital Marketing Yes Yes Yes
Best-in-Class Practice Software
Web-Based Built on Salesforce No Charge No Charge No Charge
Patient-Specific Dosing System No Charge No Charge No Charge
Integrated Labs No Charge No Charge No Charge
Full Biomarker Capture and Tracking No Charge No Charge No Charge
Integrated Patient Forms and Consents No Charge No Charge No Charge
HIPAA Secure Telehealth No Charge No Charge No Charge
HIPAA Secure SMS/Texting No Charge No Charge No Charge
CRM and Prospect Management No Charge No Charge No Charge
Credit Card and HSA Processing No Fees No Fees No Fees
Patient Experience Specialist
Patient Consults Yes Yes Yes
Patient Scheduling No Yes Yes
Patient Concierge Handling Limited Yes Yes
Proven FDA-Registered Manufacturers Yes Yes N/A
Proven FDA-Regulated Pharmacies N/A Yes N/A
Highest Quality Hormones No Charge No Charge No Charge
Industry Leading Supplement Packs No Charge No Charge No Charge
Purchase and Inventory Supplements No No No
Reusable Trocars No Charge No Charge No Charge
Disposable Trocar Kits No Charge No Charge No Charge
Injectable Kits No Charge No Charge No Charge
Vendor and Order Management Yes Yes Yes
Compliance Assistance Yes Yes Yes
Ongoing Consulting and Practice Success Yes Yes Yes
Patient Offerings
Advanced Hormone and Metabolic Panel Labs Yes Yes Yes
Trusted Physician Consultation Yes Yes Yes (Telehealth)
Highest Quality Hormones Pellets All Modalities N/A
Personal Weekly Health Coach No Yes Yes
Fitness and Nutrition Mobile App No Yes Yes
Highest Quality Supplements
Hormone and Health Support Yes Yes Yes
Daily AM and PM Packets Yes Yes Yes
Fully Patient Customizable Yes Yes Yes
100% Money-Back Guarantee on Labs Yes Yes N/A
Quarterly Membership Pricing $750 M / $350 F $995 / $695 $695 / $495
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