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Our Mission

At Outset Health, our mission is to provide quality training, certification, mentoring, digital platforms, personalized programs, and practice support for your patients to achieve their healthy aging goals. Outset Health partners with leading providers who recognize that patient-personalized healthy aging plans are critical to quality of life. We train providers in all modalities of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, with an emphasis in pellet therapy, along with supportive supplementation, and dedicated health coaching. Our turnkey, cash-based, personalized programs were created for practical implementation and allow the provider to focus on treating their patients.

About Outset Health

Outset Health is backed by over 40+ years of experience in hormone optimization, metabolic health, and personalized concierge clinical programs. We train our partnering providers on our all-inclusive Outset Hormones Personalized & Pellet Therapy programs so they can help identify hormone imbalances in their patients and treat them in unique and personalized ways. Outset Health has designed unique lab testing, curated to evaluate a variety of biomarkers related to hormones, metabolic health, and pre-existing conditions. We see Outset Health as an extension to your practice. We train and facilitate a cohesive marketing & sales approach for optimal patient conversion. Our providers benefit from a practice specific Health Coach and Patient Support Coordinator to support your patient base.

Why Outset Health

Outset Health offers providers turn-key, personalized, healthy aging membership programs that are concierge based and technology driven. Our programs minimize impact to your practice and maximize health outcomes for your patients.

What Sets Us Apart?

We have conducted extensive research and development in the Health & Wellness industry to identify why implementing new solutions into an already busy medical practice often falls short of reaching its full potential.
Those reasons include:

  • Overworked staff focused on current business
  • Inconsistent messaging to patients
  • Difficulty transitioning to cash-based patient sales
  • Lack of ongoing support
  • Minimal support for advanced case studies
  • Billing inefficiencies
  • Insufficient technical support
  • Missing key elements that would enhance outcomes
  • No Upfront Costs

Our solutions are specifically designed to address all these needs on your behalf to ensure your practice achieves optimal results!

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