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At-home Workout Routine for Beginners


Being a novice to working out may be extremely intimidating, especially when everyone else in the gym seems to know what they are doing. However, plenty of at-home workout routines for beginners may be just as effective as going to the gym. Exercising at home has plenty of benefits, such as saving money on a gym membership and being able to work out without feeling self-conscious. Plus, there are many at-home workouts for beginners that don’t require any equipment.

Guide to Your At-home Workout Routine

When starting out, it is important to focus on exercises that work out multiple muscle groups at once. This may help build strength and endurance more quickly. A full-body routine that includes exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, and squats is a great place to start. Being well-rounded is key, so implementing a mix of both strength and cardio exercises is ideal. The following at-home workout routine is a great starting point for beginners.

Warming Up

Before starting any workout, it is essential to talk to your doctor, especially if you have any injuries or chronic health conditions. Once you have the green light to start working out, it is important to begin your exercise routine by taking 10 to 15 minutes to warm up your body. Your warm-up should be based on the workout you will be doing.

For this at-home workout routine, a basic warm-up may include:

  • Jogging and running in place: Start by jogging for 30 seconds, then increase your speed to a run for 30 seconds. Repeat this pattern for about five minutes.
  • Arm circles: Start by holding your arms out to the side at shoulder level. Slowly make small circles with your arms for 30 seconds, then reverse the direction and circle your arms for another 30 seconds.
  • Walking lunges: Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Step forward with one leg and lower your body until your front knee is bent at a 90-degree angle and your back knee almost touches the ground. Return to the standing position and repeat with your other leg. Continue alternating for one minute.
  • Yoga stretches: Once you feel warm, it’s time to focus on stretching. Taking the time to stretch your muscles may help prevent injuries during your workout routine. Running through a few basic yoga stretches is a great way to loosen up your muscles.
  • Squats: Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Lower your body into a squat position, keeping your knees behind your toes and your feet flat on the ground. Return to a standing position and repeat. Try doing three sets of 10 squats.

Keep in mind that warming up for 10 to 15 minutes is just a general guideline. You should listen to your body and take the time you need to warm up your muscles properly. Additionally, drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout to stay hydrated.

Starting Your At-home Workout Routine

Once you have properly warmed up your body, you are ready to start your at-home workout routine. Remember to start slow and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you become more comfortable. If you feel pain at any point during your workout, stop immediately and consult your doctor.

The following at-home workout routine is a great starting point for beginners. This workout circuit includes four exercises that target different muscle groups giving you a well-rounded workout. Once you have completed all four exercises, rest for five minutes and repeat the circuit. Start by completing the circuit two to three times. Then, as you become more comfortable with the exercises, aim to complete the circuit four to five times.

Forearm Plank

Forearm Plank

Start by lying on your stomach with your elbows bent and directly under your shoulders. Then, push off the ground, keeping your back straight and forearms on the ground to raise your body into a plank position. Be sure to keep your abs pulled in and hold for 30 seconds. Do this exercise for three sets with a 15-second break between each set.

Wall Sit

Wall Sit

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and back against a wall. Then, slowly lower your body down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the ground and your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Do this exercise for three sets with a 15-second break between each set. This exercise works your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. As these areas get stronger, try holding the wall sit for more extended periods of time.

Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips

This exercise is excellent for toning and strengthening your triceps. To do a tricep dip, you will need a stable chair or couch. Start by sitting on the edge of the chair with your hands gripping the edge of the seat, shoulder-width apart. Next, slowly lift your body off the chair using your triceps to lower yourself down until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Then, push back up to the starting position and repeat. Do this exercise ten times for three sets with a 15-second break between each set.



This exercise is a great cardio workout that also works your arms, legs, and core. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, lower your body into a squat position and place your hands on the ground in front of you. Kick your feet back, so you are in a push-up position. Quickly lower your body into a push-up, and then press back up. Return to the squat position and jump up, reaching your arms overhead. This is one rep. Do this exercise for two sets of ten reps with a 30-second break between each set.

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