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Dedicated Health Coaching

Our Health Performance Coaches are the real deal – they all have undergraduate degrees or higher in exercise science or the equivalent. They carry certifications from top training organizations such as NSCA, ACSM, NASM or ACE, and have 5+ years of personal training and industry experience and carry Precision Nutrition Level 1 certifications.

Our Health Coaches will design personalized programs to address your unique lifestyle, goals, and needs. We recognize the fact that everyone is different. Not everyone has the same dietary preferences or physical fitness levels. We don’t subscribe to a particular dietary “camp” or training method. We focus on foundational nutrition and exercise principles to help guide and motivate you through your weight loss journey.

Your dedicated health coach will reach out to you to build a specific fitness, nutrition, diet, and supplementation program. You will have weekly 1-on-1 video-based education, training, and support during your goal phase. This approach helps to increase accountability, provides optimal outcomes and ensures program satisfaction. We provide the tools you need to regain your health. One-on-One Health Coaching, a personalized plan, and a best-in-class App

What Is
Outset Coach?

Accessible Training and Nutrition

Outset Coach is a comprehensive app that is here to help you get and stay healthy. You can access Outset Health Coach at anytime – wherever you are and whenever you’re ready for a lifestyle change. Our team wants to help you curb bad habits while giving you the skills to build healthy ones. Outset Coach aims to enhance your in-person training and extend it to other areas of your life, all in one app. We want to create the ideal hybrid experience so you can continue your health treatment journey while also supplemented with the resources provided by Outset Coach.

With Outset Coach you get access to personalized training regimens and nutrition packages catered directly to your personal goals. Outset Coach helps you get the most out of your plan by allowing easy engage with trainers through individual messaging and video call features.

Start Enhancing
Your Health Today

Outset Coach Features

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Personalized fitness plans designed around you, helping achieve your goals.


Customized nutrition plans and healthy eating tips to help achieve your health goals.


Small, consistent changes can turn into big results with the help of Outset Coach Habit Training.


Motivation is crucial to ensure you get the best results by connecting with your dedicated Health Coach.

A Best-In-Class
Mobile App

Wherever you are.
Whenever you're ready.

Whether your schedule is open or you’re constantly on the go, Outset Coach is always here for you — wherever you are and whenever you’re ready.

The Outset Coach app connects to all major Apple and Google platforms including workout, diet and biometric tracking via Apple Watch, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Mindbody, and Withings Smart Scales.

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